10 Must do things in Kerala

Ride on an Elephant

Riding on an elephant is a lot of fun. From Trivandrum you can take a ride to many wildlife sanctuaries and enjoy the safaris. The professional elephant mahouts will make your safari truly enjoyable.

Get some Nature

Break away from your mundane tasks from your life and enjoy nature at Kerala. Kerala is known as Gods own country as you can spot greenery everywhere.

Houseboat cruise on backwaters

Kerala is home to numerous backwaters. While in Trivandrum you can book a houseboat cruise for overnight stay and enjoy the tours through the local villages and experiencing the authentic Kerala cuisine on the houseboat. Kerala has the largest number of manmade backwater canals in the world.

Get an Ayurvedic Treatment

An Ayurvedic massage is famous for rejuvenation of tired and sore muscles. With the help of natural herbs and oil, this massage totally rejuvenates the body by releasing all the toxins from the body. Based upon the examination by an Ayurvedic doctor, treatment can last upto an hour or even 14 days.

Visit a Temple

Trivandrum is well known for its ancient temples and some temple histories are dated back to the 16th century. There are many folk stories based on these temple histories which are truly fascinating. While in Trivandrum, visit the ancient temples and indulge yourselves in the rich culture. Many guided tours are available for visiting the these temples.

Watch a regional art

Kathakali, a traditional dance form of Kerala, is an expressive and trance inducing dance. This dance form originated in the 17th century and the tradition has been passed on to many generations. It includes laborious tasks such as colourful painting and dressing up for the dance. The dancer portrays various mythological characters in the form a dance. If you are visiting Kerala, make sure watching this dance form is on your list.

Wine and Dine at a beach restaurant

Trivandrum has several beach restaurants since it lies in the coastal region of southern India. Kerala is home to several luscious coconut palms and Toddy or palm wine is quite popular among the locals. Enjoy the picturesque beaches with impeccable hospitality services which cater to all your needs and will make your visit the most memorable one.

Spend a day at a Hillstation

You can spend a day at the hillstation by booking yourselves a cozy cottage at some of the resorts. These resorts are fully equipped with the modern amenities which can make your stay a pleasant one. Make sure you visit the tea and spice plantations since most of the hill stations are surrounded by these plantations.

Participate in a Temple festival

All round the year numerous festivals take place, so make sure you participate in a temple festival to experience ancient traditions. Elephants are dressed specifically for these temple functions and worshipped as the god's vehicle. Come experience the poorams and lengthy processions, you are sure to be enchanted by it's sheer beauty.


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