We are located at Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), the capital of Kerala (God's own country); the southernmost state of India, which is the foremost among the Tier II cities that is rapidly growing in terms of IT infrastructure. As the software hub of Kerala, more than 80% of the state's software exports are from our city. We are initiating, executing and delivering our Information Technological services by being originating at the center of the city.

We proudly own our space at the Technopark, the largest information technology park in India in terms of built up area, which is owned and administered by the Government of Kerala. Technopark is governed by a Council and a Program Implementation Board, both of which include top officials of the government. Major campuses and headquarters of companies such as Infosys, Oracle Corporation, IBS Software Services and UST Global are located here.

Benefits of getting your IT works done from India

We know what we do

IT services is the fastest growing segment in the Indian domestic market, growing by 18 per cent to reach 589 billion, driven by increasing adoption from all customer segments - government, enterprise, consumers and SMBs.

We are cost efficient

India continues to be the most cost-competitive provider of IT services. Cost efficiencies further maintained through various internal process and productivity improvement initiatives including stable entry level salaries, tightening non-employee cost structures, fast career growth, and a non-linearity focus through platform and cloud products.

We have unparalleled talent pool

India churned out an estimated 4.4 million graduates in FY2012, retaining its position as the largest source of employable talent in the world. Service providers are effectively utilising India's talent pool by designing large scale talent re-engineering initiatives and employee engagement activities. This is enabling the industry to provide both end-to-end and high-end value-added services across sectors.

We have a supportive ecosystem

India's infrastructure development landscape is expected to transform to the next level in the coming years, driven by the government's massive thrust on over USD 1 trillion in investments (2013-17) on infrastructure development. Besides, with further simplification of laws and regulations, large scale investments in e-Governance projects and focus on establishing the national cyber security policy, the IT-BPO industry is well-poised to maintain its growth trajectory in the domestic market.

We communicate better

India has the largest English speaking audience after the US. The medium of learning of most of the graduates are English and India is one country which has integrated computer literacy as an academic subject right from the kinder garten.

We can work while you are sleeping

We are 10.5 hours ahead of EST and 5.5 hours ahead of GMT. The time-zone advantage gives partner organisations almost round the clock workforce.


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