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EDIFY, an ever challenging academic management portal designed and developed by the top-notch team of CliffCreations.

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About Edify

EDIFY, an ever challenging academic management portal developed in PHP which is supposed to be used with the database - MySql is a highly applicable management system which can be used by every type of educational institutions. This EDIFY will facilitate an easy and secured way for the educational institutions to connect & organize the daily activities associated with the it, ranging from student admission and registration to student attendance updates, academic information, class diaries, event calendar, news, library, transport and parent teacher interactions. This too helps the administration staff to search and identify a student and fetch his/her information and details at ease. Moreover EDIFY helps the parents to be updated about their wards academics, different events in the institution and interact with the staff, if necessary. This academic management portal expedite a provision to integrate the IBM to the parents by SMS and email.


User friendly Interface

EDIFY is flourished with users in sense. It is featured with an amazing UI that facilitate even a user with basic computer knowledge and email to start with EDIFY within few seconds of initial login.

Elastic Layout

The elastic layout feature of EDIFY ease the users to view and operate its every functions in even in their palm top devices and hand held devices.

Better Customization

EDIFY is systematized with optimized customization that ensures the meeting of requirements of every academic institutions who are following different modes management system & processes.

Widespread Search

The widespread search feature of EDIFY will provide an extensive search facility with multiple conditions for different sections both in list view method and grid view method and thereby help the user to organize the functional operations more constructively.

Remote Monitoring

The remote monitoring feature of EDIFY will enable the administrator to keep track of things from a remote area. The user will be accessible to the application from anywhere without any restrictions.

Operations Management

EDIFY is framed with the management of every operations of an institution viz; admission management, student management, teacher management, parents management, attendance management, promotion management and so on.

Highly Reliable

The reliability feature of EDIFY proves its trustworthy nature and will make you to realize that all your sensitive information will be preserved in a very safe and secure manner.

SMS & Email Notifications

Configurable SMS & Email notifications of EDIFY will enable the parents to be reminded of the institutional activity or ward details.

Easy Export & Print outs

The result of the search or browsed details viz; the list of students in a class or division, travelling in a particular bus, coming from a particular location, who have failed or excelled in a particular exam, who has regular or less attendance, who have defaulted fees etc. can be exported or printed out easily.

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