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REAP, a handy & fascinating CRM application designed and developed by an energetic team of CliffCreations.

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About Reap

REAP, a handy & fascinating CRM application developed in PHP which is supposed to be used with the database - MySql .REAP, the real CRM application have been evenhanded to setup a client server model program that allow the operators to match the real interest of real estate buyers and sellers follow the system process to derive a completed sale. REAP for real estate agencies will provide a platform for staffs of agencies to perform their daily activities in a more efficient manner and too it enables to administer the contacts, requirements, prospects, sales and activity log of staff & sales with genuine reports. In meanwhile, REAP will accustom to a more professional way of customer relationship which leads to more sales and business.


Unique Administration panel

REAP is incorporated with a unique administration panel with optimized loading speed by which, the administer can review the features at a glance. This unique panel showcases the often used pages for better inspection.

Liquid layout

The liquid layout feature of REAP will kick the property to reach millions of people in a more impressive way due to the reflow of whole design that suits user device.

Extended search

he extended search feature of REAP will provide an extensive search facility with multiple conditions for different sections both in list view method and grid view method and thereby help the operator to identify the matches more constructively.

Multi-status workflow

The matched requirements are treated as cases which should be resolved to sales. This is achieved through a predefined workflow which leads to successful closure of the case.

Text and Email notifications

Configurable notifications enables the staff to be reminded of their daily task list and proactively attend the customer.

Communication Log

Communication log incorporated with REAP helps to review the conversations done with the customers and the details of scheduled calls and meetings.

IP based login

In REAP, the access to the administration panel is limited to known IP address and denied access from all other.

Content Management

The requirements added in REAP can easily be listed for public viewing using the content management module. This helps to publish and un-publish the requirements as per the business flow.

Activity Log

All the activities (write operations) done to a database will be logged with time stamp, field and actor. This feature of REAP allows the administrator to review the activities of the operators.


The REAP CRM allows the data to be exported and or imported to the applications using comma separated value files.

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